Children at our school are under the continuous care of hard working and dedicated staff. We aim to create a caring environment for pupils where they feel happy and safe.

Staffing at our school is as follows:

Number Teams Position Name Additional Roles
1 Senior Leadership Team Headteacher Mohammed Aminur Rahman Deputy DSL
2 Deputy Headteacher Zeenat Riaz
3 Early Years Manager Shefa Malik DSL
4 Senior Leader Nazia Sultana
5 Teaching Staff Year 6 Classroom Teacher Noormahbi Bukreedan
6 Year 5 Classroom Teacher Rabia Rabbani
7 Year 4 Classroom Teacher Noreen Akhtar
8 Year 3 Classroom Teacher Seema Riaz
9 Year 2 Classroom Teacher K Malik
10 Year 1 Classroom Teacher Qamar Qadir
11 Reception Classroom Teacher Noreen Hussain
12 Nursery Room Leader Hana Razzak
13 Year 2 – 6 Arabic Language and Quran Teacher Mohammed Muminur Rahman
14 Early Years and Year 1 Arabic Language and Quran Teacher Khaldia Benahchilif Lunchtime supervisor
15 PE Teacher Afiah Nazmeen
16 Office Staff Administration Noreen Ghazala
17 Finance Attia Aslam
18 Ancillary Staff Caretaker Billal Hossein
19 Lunchtime supervisor Salma Khan

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