Children at our school are under the continuous care of hard working and dedicated staff. We aim to create a caring environment for pupils where they feel happy and safe.

Staffing at our school is as follows:

Number Teams Position Name Additional Roles
1 Senior Leadership Team Headteacher Mohammed Aminur Rahman Deputy DSL, Single point of contact
2 Deputy Headteacher Zeenat Riaz  
3 Early Years Manager Shefa Malik DSL
4 Senior Leader Sumeira Akram  
5 Teaching Staff Year 6 Classroom Teacher N Bukreedan  
6 Year 5 Classroom Teacher S Khatun  
7 Year 4 Classroom Teacher K Malik  
8 Year 3 Classroom Teacher E Hanif  
9 Year 2 Classroom Teacher R Rabbani  
10 Year 1 Classroom Teacher Q Qadir  
11 Reception Classroom Teacher U Ghaffar  
12 Nursery Room Practitioner H Razzak  
13 Year 2 – 6 Arabic Language and Quran Teacher M M Rahman  
14 Early Years and Year 1 Arabic Language and Quran Teacher K Benahchilif Lunchtime supervisor
15 PE Teacher A Nazmeen  
16 Office Staff Administration N Ghazala  
17 Finance A Aslam  
18 Ancillary Staff Caretaker B Hossein  
19 Lunchtime supervisor S Khan